Jong Hyon on Saturday made public the following article titled “Sanctions will never work on the DPRK”:

The prestige of the DPRK advancing on the strength of self-reliance is drawing the worldwide attention.

At this time, the director of the CNA Institute of the United States said that sanctions will be futile in the future, too, not only at present in an article posted on website The Hill recently. There he maintained that the U.S. conservative rulers must admit that their maximum pressure policy failed and sanctions will not make north Korea change its mind.

This can be viewed as a frank assessment of the U.S. sanctions and pressure that never work on the DPRK.

It seems that the U.S. has not yet been departed from its old way of thinking, when considering various statements from political circles in Washington D.C.

The U.S. is resorting to military acts hostile toward the DPRK on the one hand and on the other hand is calling for “more pressure and sanctions” while terming the DPRK’s exercises of its full-fledged right to self-defence provocations.

The Research Service of the U.S. Congress in a report on August 5 said in case all sanctions are lifted, tools for pressurizing north Korea can be reduced.

Time never stops and those, carried away by anachronistic delusion, still linger on the sanctions and pressure and consider sanctions relief as a big “concession” or “gift” to the DPRK. We can not help but laugh at it.

The international community is greatly surprised by the economic construction achievements made by the DPRK since the enforcement of its new strategic line and acknowledges that it has entered a new phase of the socialist cause, despite the unprecedented pressure.

The DPRK has built its might and won its inviolable position, defying the hostile forces’ sanctions and blockade.

We are stepping up the construction of a powerful socialist country, developing economy and improving the standard of people’s living despite the severest isolation and blockade in human history.

We have the strength and foundation and our own style fighting strategy and mode of creation for bringing the brighter future of socialism by dint of self-reliance.

The U.S. should clearly understand that we do not have a lingering attachment on sanctions relief and that we will never barter the strategic security of the country for the sanctions relief.

The U.S. must have felt that sanctions, pressure and sanctions relief are just like useless tatters and that they will not lead us to any “change.”

Before it is too late, it has to break with the old way of thinking and face up to the reality.