According to Tokyo Shimbun, the Defense Ministry of Japan is going to inaugurate a unit specializing in outer space operation in 2022 and has specified its size recently. Japan has detailed the task and action mode of the unit.

Commenting on this, Minju Joson Sunday says:

Japan, desperately spurring its moves for emerging as a military giant, has just stretched out its tentacles of aggression even to outer space.

Japan seeks to turn itself into a military giant. While seeking to secure military edge on land and at sea and in the air, Japan works hard to rank itself among big powers also in space militarization.

As Japan is just a war criminal state and war forces dreaming of overseas invasion, such reckless moves are very dangerous.

Every move of Japan has been oriented to realizing the regime’s wild ambition for turning it into military giant and launching overseas aggression.

By cutting itself loose from the shackle of defense, Japan let its “Self-Defense Forces” stage military drills overseas openly against other countries.

Clear is what Japan seeks in space militarization.

The space militarization is a grave threat to peace and stability.

It is a serious matter that Japan, which ignited a war of aggression against humanity and committed shuddering crimes, has spread its tentacles of aggression even to outer space.

Outer space, common wealth of mankind, should be used for peace, stability and human development.